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We at Apostles and Prophets Net of Texas have a heart desire for God to build a network of churches  and ministries (not an organization but an organism ) who can lay aside their denominational ( and non-denominational independence) and doctrinal differences to unite for a common cause of God  to usher in the presence of God and expand the kingdom on earth. Knowing full well that it is not to be the work of a few but many. Not by one person or group, but by the  functioning of the whole Body of Christ. This will take a spiritual-heart checking begun by asking ourselves

 “For what are we doing this and for whom?” The vision of Apostles and Prophets Net of Texas is not to be clouded by fleshly ambitions or political maneuvering. We truly desire to bring the Body of Christ together. Indeed a true sign of heaven would be a uniting in spirit, God ‘ s Holy Spirit. The wonder being the release of God ‘ s power  in our land, not for man but unto God. In these times our nation is daily taking itself out from under God. Only by the Holy Spirit of God will uniting bring forth a  “ new nation under God “  fully demonstrating God ‘s power and might. Now is the time for apostles and prophets  to take back the territory of Texas for the kingdom of God

Are you an apostle or prophet in Texas? Or Maybe called to be an apostle or prophet in need of training or fellowship. We would like to hear from you.

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